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We both grew up in small town, about 30 miles north of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, We started this business in 2014. Aaron was climbing the corporate ladder and I was working in Health Care all while raising a family. Photography was a hobby to us and a "date night". The more we leaned into the photography world, the more in love we felt with it. Documenting our life together. Aaron was torn thinking he needed to work his 9-5 job to provide for our family of 5. Day in and day out, I could see my husband suffering because I knew his soul was meant for something more than this. Little did he know what our higher power had in store from him as well.  When our business picked up, and with a little encouragement, he took the leap of faith in 2019 and has never looked back. We have been together for 13 years, married for 10, we grew up with completely different childhoods.  Aaron grew up in a broken home and KC grew up in  what one would call "The American Dream Family". After seeing what we could do together as a team, I took the leap and joined him in 2021. I thought, if I could care for my couples like I care for my patients it could be even more personable.  What we have learned throughout our years together is that communication will deepen our relationship. We vowed to love each other and to support one another through all the success and struggles. We are so passionate about growing a deep, meaningful relationship with ourselves, together, and our higher power. We apply all those values in our wedding photography!

We believe in real love stories because we are one of them.

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Human connection
Experience over production

Our Approach

We're a bit out of the ordinary. We like to think of ourselves as down- to-Earth, genuine, go-getters, with a side of hippie. 

In all honesty, we really just love to hear your stories, inspire you to believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you set your mind too. We want to know you on a personal level, not this client/photographer bullshit but human-to-human, friend-to-friend! 

To be completely honest, we're not like all the rest.

Wedding photography is like skydiving (kinda, lol) While skydiving you need to put in your full trust to whomever is carrying you and Wedding Photography feels the same. This is a profession we have given our lives to and would do anything for it. We love learning about your relationship on a deeper level. How did you get to where you are? What are your hopes and dreams? Are you a coffee snob like Aaron or a not-so-shy extrovert like KC? Often, while vacationing, you can often find us chatting with locals, learning about them and the history, while we sip our coffee and plan for our next adventure.

A free-spirited, non-judgmental, cool AF, power couple!

Catch me outside, how 'bout dat!

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We are so much more than a business! We're a family! Every decision we make affects all of us: our three children and our dog! To us, family is everything and the love a family has for each other deserves to be documented! We are so thankful for our family and the growth we've experienced as individuals and as a collective unit. When you support us, you support all of us!

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Family first.
Forever and always...

When we're not in Minnesota or traveling the world the capturing the amazing moments in your lives and documenting your love story, you can find us on a path of growth, interconnectedness, and progress.

We are the kind of people who crave those deep, meaningful connections! That means opening up our hearts and letting our stories do the talking for us. We're driven by intention and set out everyday to be even better versions of the people we were yesterday.

As adventurers on the pursuit of happiness, we love being able to experience and learn with everyone we work with. As plant lovers to the core, we're firm believers that, just like plants, you never truly stop growing and every one has something to learn from one another.

The real. The raw. And everything in between.

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