Wedding GIF Videos

That's right! We now offer GIF videos in our wedding services! GIF videos are a bit different than your traditional videography but we love 'em just the same. We have been OBSESSED with the vibe of GIFs and how they incorporate the moving image but still feel like photos!

If you don't know what GIFs are, a GIF is a series of images that loop continuously! They give this old-timey, film-like quality to your photos and they are perfect for capturing specific moments! When we put all those little moments together in video, it makes for the perfect way to remember all the little details of your day! 

Our Wedding Gif Videos are a custom add-on to our wedding packages. Often times, couples will hire separate photographers and videographers for their wedding. We still want to photograph your wedding but we're offering this little add-on for the couple that's perhaps looking to add something special to their wedding package. 

Check out an example of our Wedding GIF Videos down below! 

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