Memory Map Minneapolis Engagement Session: Personalizing Your Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions FUCKING rock! We seriously have made some of our favorite memories ever shooting engagement sessions! We’ve met photographers in the past who aren’t big fans of engagement sessions but they don’t know what they’re missing!

In our opinion, engagement sessions are an intimate celebration of the fact that you’re getting married! And that’s exactly how we aim to make it feel: A CELEBRATION! For our engagement sessions, we encourage couples to choose a location that’s meaningful to them. This can be a place where you had an amazing date night, your first date, where you got proposed, or anywhere else that carries that kind of emotional significance.

That’s exactly what Adam and Meredith did for their engagement session! But they took this a step further and went all out! And let me just say, we were HERE FOR IT!

Adam and Meredith’s Memory Map: A Day to Remember

Minneapolis Engagement Session
Just look how stinkin’ cute these two are!

When Adam and Meredith came to us to schedule their engagement session, they were just like every couple that comes to us for their engagement session: LOST. The possibilities are endless when it comes to engagement sessions! There are so many beautiful places to take engagement photos so it’s hard when a couple comes to us and wants location recommendations.

When we tasked Adam and Meredith with brainstorming places for their shoot, they took it on with pride! They came back to us with a list of locations around the North Loop of Minneapolis that had meaning to them. With this, they decided they wanted to turn their engagement session into a memory map.

A memory map is such a wonderful idea for engagement photos! If you don’t know what a memory map is, it is basically a small section of a map where you place landmarks that have special meaning to you! Locations have such a rich history and it’s so powerful to think about how different people have different experiences with specific locations.

Tracing Your Story: Adam and Meredith’s Love Story

Champagne Pop Engagement
Let’s get this party started!

Adam and Meredith came up with seven different locations that were meaningful to them. For their engagement shoot, we pretty much just tagged along as they traced their story with their memory map. This was a perfect example of how we want our engagement sessions to go!

Starting out near their condo, Adam and Meredith kicked the day off by popping open a bottle of champagne in a nearby field! Many of the places we stopped at were parks and other locations that they would stroll through on date nights together. They just took the time to soak in all the time they had spent together as we followed along to take their picture!

When Adam would meet with Meredith on the weekends in the beginning of their relationship, he would park along Copham Alley next to the industrial buildings. This was such a sweet memory that they were able to relive as they took on the next adventure in their love story: getting married! The cobblestone streets of this area made for the best pictures as Adam and Meredith frolicked around!

Minneapolis Engagement Session
The Guthrie Theater making a cameo in the background!

We stopped at the Guthrie Hill along the Riverwalk and the patio in the back of The Freehouse brewpub! We wound our way through the zigzagging sidewalks of the Guthrie Hill as the pair strutted their stuff like they did on so many date nights (Fun fact: Aaron tripped backwards and ended up breaking his thumb in an attempt to break his fall! Talk about a shoot you’ll never forget! Anything to get the shot!). Making sure to get some shots with the silo behind The Freehouse was a must-have for Adam and Meredith! We looped around towards the front to get some shots of them on Smackshack Street too!

If you know us, you know we’re suckers for some smoke bomb action so we had to throw that into the mix as well! These smoke bombs were so awesome for this shoot because the overcast in the sky really made the colors pop!

Smokebomb Engagement Photos

Engaged AF! Making New Memories From Your Old Ones

Minneapolis Engagement Session

This is one of our favorite engagement sessions we have ever done! The memories that were made this day were so amazing and it was truly remarkable being able to witness this celebration of love. Adam and Meredith capitalized off of their own memories, making new ones out of the ones they already made. Just imagine… Ten years from now, Adam and Meredith can look back on the memories they made this day and think about how much fun they had as they ran around the city, plotting their love story!

Do you want to make some memories like Adam and Meredith did? Contact us here! And don’t think you have to do engagement photos for a shoot like this! We offer connection sessions where you could something just like this on a grander scale! Itching for more content from us, read about a wedding we shot in St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands!

Minneapolis Engagement Session
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